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Remediation Projects

Aggreko Site UST Removal/Remediation – Utah


Black Eagle Mine Tailings Reclamation – Colorado


Bonnie Brae Cleaners PCE Remediation – Colorado


Broderick Wood Products Site Remediation – Colorado


Bullfrog Mine Waste Rock and Tailings Facility Closure – New Mexico


California Gulch/Stringtown Tailings Remediation – Colorado


Canon City Uranium Mill Aquifer Restoration – Colorado


Canon City Zinc Smelting Facility Remediation – Colorado


Cleveland Mill Tailings Remediation/CERCLA – New Mexico


DePue Zinc/Fertilizer Plant Remediation – Illinois


ECS Composites VOC Impact Remedation – Oregon


E.W. Bliss Groundwater Remediation – Michigan


Eagle Mine ARD Remediation – Colorado


Ferris/Haggarty Mine AML Evaluation/Remediation – Wyoming


Flypast Site Platinum Soil and Groundwater Remediation – South Africa


Gallium Arsenide Cleanup Project – Utah


Gates Rubber Site TCE Remediation – Colorado


Grants Uranium Mill Remediation/Closure – New Mexico


Halaco Metal Recyclers Site Abandonment Review – California


Hanna Coal Mine Subsidence Remediation Project – Wyoming


Hanover Tailings Remediation – New Mexico


Holden Mine Reclamation Project – Washington


Kennecott Bingham Operation ARD Remediation – Utah


KNEnergy Facility Hydrocarbon Remediation – Wyoming


Leadville‑California Gulch Tailings Remediation – Colorado


Morse Tool Solvent Remediation – Massachusetts


Ortiz Mine Residue Pile Reclamation – New Mexico


Palmerton Blue Mountain Remediation – Pennsylvania


Palmerton OU-4 Groundwater Remediation – Pennsylvania


Palmerton Metal Removal Zone Remedation – Pennsylvania


Paramount Studios Hydrocarbon Remediation – California


PG&E Kettleman Hills Gas Facility Civil Litigation – California


Ports of Call Facility Hydrocarbon Cleanup – Colorado


Riverton UMTRA Uranium Tailings Remediation – Wyoming


Roseville Railyard Hydrocarbon Contamination Remediation – California


Ruidoso Diesel Spill Cleanup Review – New Mexico


San Antonio Water System Well System Remediation – Texas


Schwartzwalder Uranium Mine Hydrology/Geochemistry – Colorado


Shasta Mining District ARD Remediation – California


Summitville Mine Plugging/Metal Remediation – Colorado


Taylor Forge TCE Remediation – New Jersey


Tracy Railyard Facility Hydrocarbon and Solvent Remediation – California


Trojan Explosives Facility Groundwater Remediation – Utah


Uravan Tailings Remediation Insurance Litigation – Colorado


USS Lead Site Remediation – Illinois


Wellington-Oro ARD Remediation – Colorado


West Shasta Mine District Remediation Evaluation – California

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