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Amax Phosphate Pit Dewatering Study – Florida


Barrick Goldstrike Dewatering Evaluation – Nevada


Bel Aire Tunnel Hydrology Evaluation – California


Big Black Mountain Coal Hydrology – Kentucky


Black Thunder Coal Groundwater Permitting Study – Wyoming


Bougainville Copper Mine Inflow Study – Bougainville


Brenda Copper Mine Geohydrology – British Columbia


Brohm Gilt Edge Expansion Geohydrology – South Dakota


Burgin U/G Mine Inflow Evaluation – Utah


C-b Tract Oil Shale Mine Inflow Project – Colorado


Cash Mine Groundwater Permit – Colorado


Chelan County Fish Hatchery Wellfield Study – Oregon


Chimney Creek Gold Section 30 Dewatering Study – Nevada


Cigar Lake Uranium Mine Hydrology Review – Saskatchewan


Cinola Gold Mine Inflow Study – British Columbia


Clear Creek Oil Shale Hydrology Permitting Study – Colorado


Cluff Lake Groundwater Inflow Study – Saskatchewan


Copper Flat Mine EIS Groundwater Permitting – New Mexico


Craig Coal Dewatering and Impact Study – Colorado


Crandon Project Tailings Pond Permitting Study – Wisconsin


Cresson Mine Amendment 7 Permit Hydrogeology – Colorado


Cresson Mine Amendment 8 Permit Hydrogeochemistry – Colorado


Cresson Mine Life Extension Permit Hydrogeochemistry – Colorado


Cresson Mine Complex Geohydrology Model – Colorado


Detour Mine Inflow Evaluation/Dewatering Design – Quebec


Eliott Lake Uranium Mine Dewatering/Impact – Ontario


Falconbridge Nickel Pit Inflow Evaluation – Ontario


Florence Copper Pit Dewatering Evaluation – Arizona


Fording Greenhills Coal Dewatering Study – British Columbia


Gays River Lead/Zinc Mine Inflow Prevention – Nova Scotia


Getty Oil Shale Hydrology Permitting Project – Colorado


Grant Gold Mine Aquifer Test Evaluation – Alaska


Grassy Mountain EIS Mine Inflow Evaluation – Oregon


Green Creek Gold Mine Groundwater Study – Alaska


Haile Mine Groundwater/Hydrology Evaluation – South Carolina


Hat Creek Coal Dewatering and Impact Study – British Columbia


Homestake Lead Water Management Study – South Dakota


Horse Draw Oil Shale Shaft Inflow Evaluation – Colorado


Jerritt Canyon Mine Water Management Study – Nevada


K-2 Potash Mine Inflow Evaluation – Saskatchewan


Kennecott Bingham Canyon Groundwater Flow Study – Utah


Key Lake Uranium Mine Dewatering Study – Saskatchewan


Kiena Gold Mine Crown Pillar/Inflow Evaluation – Quebec


Lamefoot Mine Hydrology/Geochemistry EIS Evaluation – Washington


Lee Ranch Coal Mine Dewatering Study – New Mexico


Lihir Mine Dewatering Review – New Guinea


Mesquite Gold Project Geohydrology – California


Midwest Uranium Mine Inflow/Dewatering – Saskatchewan


Minera Carbonifera Mine Dewatering – Mexico


Minuteman Underground Mine Waste Stowage – Kentucky


Monkman Pass Coal Dewatering Review Study – British Columbia


Murray Mine Dewatering Evaluation – Nevada


Mt. Whaleback Dewatering/Stabilization Study – Western Australia


Narbalek Uranium Water Management Review – Australia


New Castle Coal Mine Inflow and Permitting – Colorado


Northair Gold Mine Tailings Review British Columbia


Overlook Mine Portal Plugging – Washington


Pan Continental Mine Inflow Evaluation – Australia


Phulbari Coal Mine Groundwater Model Review – Bangladesh


Platoro Underground Gold Mine Inflow Review – Colorado


Pogo Gold Mine Inflow/Closure Evaluation – Alaska


Pumkin Buttes Uranium Mine Inflow/Baseline Study – Wyoming


Ranger Uranium Water Management Review – Australia


Ridgeway Gold Dewatering – South Carolina


Roosevelt Tunnel Mine Discharge Evaluation – Colorado


Salar de Atacama Brine Evaluation – Chile


Similkameen Copper Tailings Pond Seepage Study – British Columbia


Sleeper Gold Mine Dewatering Project. – Nevada


South Haystack Stability/Environmental Hydrology – Wyoming


Snap Lake Diamond Mine Inflow Review – Northwest Territories


Sutter Creek Gold Inflow and Impact Study – California


Tongue River Coal Bed Methane Hydrology – Montana


Water Management in Oil Shale Mining – Colorado


Zacatacas Copper Mine Tailings Facility Permitting – Mexico

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