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Geotechnical Project Expert

Byron Creek Coal Stability and Pollution Study – British Columbia


Cerrejon Coal Stability/Dewatering Evaluation – Columbia


Con Imperial Gold/Silver Mine Stability – Nevada


Cresson Mine Slope Design – Colorado


East Cresson Mine Slope Design – Colorado


Cresson Mine Life Extension Slope Design – Colorado


Cresson Mine Slope Stability Monitoring and Review – Colorado


Globe Hill Mine Slope Design – Colorado


Domtar Gravel Depot Stability Evaluation – British Columbia


East Cresson Mine Stability Project – Colorado


Fushun Coal Slope Stabilization Study – China


Hanna Underground Coal Mine Subsidence Mitigation – Wyoming


Highland Uranium Stability Evaluation – Wyoming


Kemmerer/Evanston/Gillette/Superior Subsidence – Wyoming


Latrobe Valley Mine Subsidence Evaluation – Australia


Lornex Copper Slope Stabilization Project – British Columbia


Mine Stability Technical Review Board – Victoria, Australia


Morwell Open Cut Stability/Dewatering Project – Australia


N.B.H.C. Mine Subsidence Project – Australia


New Castle Coal Mine Stability Study – Colorado


OSM Subsidence Control Consulting – Colorado


Paz de Rio Stability Study – Columbia


Pinson Gold Mine Stability Review – Nevada


Summitville Adit Plugging Design – Colorado


Summitville Water Storage/Sediment Dam Stability – Colorado


Tar Creek Subsidence Evaluation – Oklahoma


Tonkin Springs Gold Mine Stability Evaluation – Nevada

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